ProIRB® Overview

We Grow with Your IRB!

Get rid of Spreadsheets • Organize your Documents

ProIRB®'s study tracking software helps you stay in control, organized and confident in this fast paced and ever changing world!

About ProIRB®

  • ProIRB® Plus, Inc. was founded in 1998
  • One of the first IRB programs on the market
  • Continual improvements implemented as suggested by our customers
  • Over 100 institutions use ProIRB® in 14 different countries around the world
  • Our customers include Universities, Medical Institutions, Government Facilities, Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Medical Centers, Military Locations and Central IRB's and have anywhere from 3 to 3000 open protocols
  • ProIRB® is used by both Medical and Social/Behavioral IRB's
  • The ProIRB® headquarters is in Jackson, TN, with offices in FL, NH and WV

Our system grows with your IRB

  • ProIRB® ANYWHERE! Office: Automate your IRB Office: Automated Agenda and Meeting Minutes, Custom Letters and Detailed Reports
  • ProIRB® ANYWHERE! Agenda Records: In addition to everything that ProIRB® ANYWHERE! Office offers, Agenda gives you the ability to place and review your agendas online
  • ProIRB® ANYWHERE! ES Custom: Electronic Submission; Automated Task Lists, routing and Emails; Optional Custom Smart Forms with Required and Dependent Fields, Custom routing

About ProIRB® ANYWHERE! Office

  • Used by IRB Staff to track protocols, Create Agendas and Meeting Minutes
  • Continuing Review (Annual Reviews/ Progress Reviews) Module
  • "Tickler" feature (Follow-up Manager); no items will fall through the cracks!
  • Create custom template letters with headers, footers, watermarks and scanned signatures
  • Send letters, agendas, meeting minutes and other reports by email
  • Track Consent Forms, Adverse Events (SAE's/ AE's/ IPIRTSO's) and Amendments

About ProIRB® ANYWHERE! Agenda Records

  • Includes everything that ProIRB® ANYWHERE! Office offers, Plus...
  • Allow your Board Members to view the agenda and agenda packet from ANYWHERE
  • Upload and store Supporting documents in a Submission packet for each submission
  • Supporting documents can be any electronic file
  • Protocol Packet for each Submission stored and organized Electronically

About ProIRB® ANYWHERE! ES Custom

  • Includes everything that ProIRB® ANYWHERE! Agenda Records offers, Plus...
  • Used by Research Team (Principal Investigators and Study Coordinators) to submit protocol applications
  • Research Team can check the status of their submissions by logging in
  • Custom Color/ Logos/ Fonts
  • Automated Task Lists, routing and emails
  • Electronically submit to the IRB office
  • Optional Custom Smart Forms with Required and Dependent fields, Pop-up help and a To-Do checklist to prevent incomplete forms from being submitted to the IRB
  • Supporting documents can be a template or any electronic file
  • Route Electronically for Review and Signatures
  • Supports Electronic Signatures; Part 11 compliant